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Remove The Chassis

It's now time to disassemble your iMac. First, check that there is no CD in the CD-ROM player, then shut down your iMac and unplug it from the wall. Unplug all cables like power, USB, internet, speakers etc. Put a towel or soft cloth down on your work table then carry your iMac over to the table and place it face down on the towel or cloth and turn it around so that the bottom is facing you. Before you start removing screws, get your screw containers ready. There are 4 screws to remove in this entire procedure. Take a good look at each one as you take them out so you will remember where they go back.

Click on photos to see a larger version.


1. The screw that holds the bottom cover on is located under the clear plastic handle (photo 1) on the bottom of your iMac. Remove the screw. With one hand, hold the main handle on your iMac, then with the other hand grab the smaller clear plastic handle in front of you (photo 1) and pull it directly towards you to unhook it, then lift the cover up to remove it.

2. With the cover removed, you can see the bottom side of the chassis (photo 2). It contains the hard drive, CD-ROM, processor and many other components of your iMac except for the monitor. You need to remove the chassis but first you need to disconnect the four cables (photo 3) that connect the chassis to the monitor. Loosen the two screws on either side of the main white cable and unplug it. These screws do not come out, the only loosen. Unplug the smaller grey cable next to it and remove both cables from under their plastic anchor. Next, remove the small screw on the left hand side (photo 3) which anchors the third cable. Grab the cable by the black plug and pull it up. If it doesn't come out easily, gently try to wiggle it or rock it while pulling it up. NEVER pull on the wires or cables directly, always pull on the plug. The last cable (photo 4) is a little different than the others. Grab the plug with two fingers and with a third finger, push down on the front edge of the little tab in the centre of the plug (photo 4) while pulling on the plug to remove it. If it resists, you may need to gently lift up on the opposite side of the little black tab with your fingernail or pen while pulling on the plug. Push the four cables to the sides as much as possible. Next, remove the two screws at the top of the chassis (photo 5), be careful not to let the screws fall down the holes. Use your small finger to guide them out.

3. You are now ready to remove the chassis. Notice the plastic handle at the top (photo 6). Put your fingers in the handle and slowly pull the chassis straight up (photo 6). If it sticks while pulling up, check the cables on both sides to see if they are not preventing the chassis from coming out. The cables stay with the main body of the computer and do not come out. Turn the chassis over and put it down on the table. Photo 7 shows what remains of the main body of the computer, move this out of the way being careful not to scratch the screen. Photo 8 shows the front side of the chassis when it is removed from the computer.

*Before you go any further, you must now put on your static strap and clip it to the metal frame of the chassis (photo 8).


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